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Ezio Galiano 82, absolute blind. The promoter.
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Make a gift to a blind:
give him/her a book!

I want you to join us in a singular enterprise:
Make a gift to a blind: give him/her a book!

The access to the culture, primarly based on an autonomuos read and write, was denied to blind people for thousands years, until Louis Braille invented a writing method, using relevated dots, still bringing his name.

Culture, today, is not yet spreading via paper sheets but travels in digitalized form.

Blind people can avoid a new obscurantism age only directly learning to use the required instruments to read and write in the nowadays era.

You, Net-Surfer:

download a book from the list below, copy it on a diskette an and give it to a blind man or woman living beside you. Tell him/her, if he/her still don't know it, that it's easy to read it by himself, using a sound card in his PC.

Files are in TXT ASCII format, compressed with PKzip.
Use Pkunzip to decompress them.

Author Work filename bytes
Alcott Louisa May Little women alclou02


Christie Agatha Murder on the Orient Express chraga02131k
Shakespeare William Sonnets shawil3441k