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Ezio Galiano - short biography

  Ezio Galiano was born in Catanzaro on June 18 1923, by Fausto and Rosa Rubino.

  At the age of eigthteen, in only few months, he totally loose his sight, becouse of a optical retrobulbar neurite.

  Unless the blindness, and the destructions caused by the second world war, he studied in the University of Messina (Sicily) and reached a degree in History and Philosophy, so he started teaching in pubblic senior high schools.

  In about twenty years, he was the first italian blind to become a senior highschool manager, opening this chance to others.

  In order to devenlope and upgrade himself, Ezio Galiano always used, during the years, the avaliable technology: rope recorders in 1955, tape and cassette recorders later, and other devices (sometime dismounting and remounting it by himself). But the poor technology of that time can not substitute the help of his relatives, in example to read a newspaper.

  In 1982 he brougth his first mini computer and started in adapting it to his needs. He put relevated signals on some keyboard keys and, programming his machine by himself in the language called Basic, linked particular sounds to specific commands in order to monitoring what was going on.

  Later, due his skill and experience, he was choosen as one of the few beta testers in devenlopement of the first model of italian voice syntetizer for PC.

  About in 1994, using his own scanner, he started to create his personal electronic library and in 1997 he had more than 6.000 books, and the most was school books. Then he realized to share it with other blind people using the Internet, thinking about blind student and how hard it is to study (or work) without the capability to read or consulting a book.

  But another idea was about newspapers: so he spent every night since 1997, using home written computer programs and the help of his wife, downloading the most important italian newspapers from the respectives web sites and converting them in ASCII format, to allow hundreds of italian blinds to read in real time their everyday newspaper.

  This service is ABSOLUTELY FREE and the most of the money spent in it comes from that Ezio Galiano earned with his hard work.

  Ezio Galiano lives in Catanzaro with Mimma Lo Guzzo, his wife, who gave him trhee daughters and a son: Rossella, Evy, Glene and Fausto.